Thursday, July 10, 2014

Baby Poo Camouflage

I have been trying really hard not to mention baby poo on this blog, because although it's a big deal in my life right now, both it's presence and absence, I know some people would be grossed out by it. If you are one of those people, don't read this post.

So, right now I am sitting at my desk in my professional job, which I have had for nearly 6 years, with baby poop on my shirt. I got Moonpie in the car this morning on time, and there was no hint that anything was amiss until... I got her out of her car seat and noticed a warm, wet sensation on her legs and back, and on my hands and arm, accompanied by a strong scent. Oh goodie. I clung her as close to me as I could and bee-lined it for my in-laws (which is up a sizable hill, by the way). My mother-in-law usually takes her from me as soon as I reach the door so I can get my shoes off comfortably, but today I alerted her that she did not want to take this baby today, as I tried to stop the poo from dripping onto the floor. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but I did have poop smeared all over my arm and shirt. My mother-in-law spread out the baby changing mat and took over while I tried to wash up and get the spots off of my shirt. Incidentally, I wore the perfect shirt for this type of thing today!

Might as well be called "Baby poo camo"
I even talked to my university's construction manager this morning about getting the plans for the new building to add to the campus map I'm working on, and she was none the wiser that I had poo on my shirt! But I did call my husband to tell him about my morning, and he suggested that I might want to go buy a new shirt just for today. Hmm...He might be right, as I'm not sure the shirt will also camouflage the odor come high noon. Oh, the sacred bliss of motherhood.

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  1. Can't even see it! I use to always take a change of clothes in the car. For me and the baby!!!