Monday, July 7, 2014

Beach Weekend with Baby in Didim

This past weekend we went to Didim, a beach town on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. I was extremely worried that it would be a disaster. But, I didn't want to be a person who drags her feet reluctantly to a weekend at an all-inclusive hotel on the beach, so I decided we would just go with the flow and hopefully Moonpie wouldn't cry the whole time. was great! It was amazing! Moonpie loved the beach, and that made me love the beach even more. My wonderful husband took her back to the room for her nap so I could stay on the beach...get myself! I...get a book! It was just what I needed to get back some perspective and recharge my batteries. I hadn't realized how much two weeks of very little sleep had affected my ability to cope with, well, anything. I now feel great and recharged and ready to take on Moonpie's sleep challenges with more patience and grace!

Here are some scenes from the trip:

Moonpie chillin' and checkin' out the scenery on the drive there.

Turkish countryside

View from our balcony

"What's this Mommy? Does it taste good? No, it does not."


I love this view.

Baby feet in the sand!

On the drive home

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  1. Nothing like some beach time to get some perspective!! Beautiful! And Moonpie is adorable as always. Can't wait to enjoy myself!