Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beach with Baby, Take 2

Wrinkle toes
I was supremely worried about taking Moonpie to the beach back at the beginning on July when we went to Didim. We are really lucky that she is definitely a beach babe. She just loves the beach.

She loves getting in the water, sitting in the sand, letting the waves hit her. She even napped on the beach on our lounge chair.

So, I don’t have a lot of tips for making a visit to the beach with a baby easier because she already makes it pretty easy. I will say that those baby food pouches are the way to go, because sand can’t blow into them and you don’t have to mess with a lid.

Playing in her sunsuit

I also highly recommend the UV protection suits. We got one here in Turkey from Tchibo, but I had also ordered the iplay one piece sun suit. I've included an Amazon link at the end of this post. These were great for keeping the sun off of most of her, and I love that it has snaps at the bottom for easy diaper changes.

On the subject of diapers I will also say – swim diapers are only for in the water. They don’t do much out of the water. They’re not meant to be absorbent (hence their function of working in the water). They basically hold in baby poo. I found this out when I got a huge puddle on my lap on the lounge chair (not pictured).

 The villa we rented had a blow up baby pool, which was also a big hit.

                                        As were the squirt toys from Grandma. Here is Mr. Crab.

And here's the link for those interested:

Do or did you take your baby to the beach? What other tips can you offer?


  1. Love the full body suits... my son loves the pool, so having two on rotation has been very helpful. It's so much easier than to wrestle sunscreen on him.

    1. Thanks for the comment! At first I was feeling guilty for buying two, but it turned out to be nice to have both between diaper mishaps and getting all sandy every day.