Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Marie Gets Stitches

Well, not really stitches - skin super glue. The nurse said they don't really do stitches anymore unless it's really, really bad.

On Sunday I was carrying a huge tower of two (2) ceramic bowls into the kitchen and was distracted by the thought of taking a Tylenol (called Minoset here in Turkey) for my headache when said "tower" fell over onto our marble counter top. Marble isn't a very forgiving surface for ceramic dinnerware. One of the bowls ricocheted off of the marble and sliced my leg on the way down to its final resting place, the floor.

My thoughts at the time were:
1. Good thing Moonpie wasn't in the kitchen.
2. Oh man, I bought those bowls when I first moved to Turkey (insert brief moment of nostalgia here).
3. Hmm, my leg is sliced open.
4. Good thing I bought a new set of dishes last week!
5. Hmm, my leg is dripping blood.

 Priorities, people.

 I wasn't going to go to the ER because I'm American and I've been conditioned that unless your bone marrow is showing, it's not an emergency. But, after cleaning up the mess in the kitchen I realized that my little band-aid wasn't doing the trick, and the butterfly bandages I managed to find scrunched at the bottom of the first aid box just looked comical compared to the size of the wound I was trying to close with them.

The Wound
So, to the ER we went, baby, diaper bag and all. The hospital is a 5 minute drive from our house. We left at 4:00pm and were back home at 4:22pm. No joke. We walked in the door and I left my passport with Mr. Stitches while two nurses took me back to a triage room. I took off my band-aid and after looking at it for a few seconds they decided it was a job for skin glue. One nurse held me together while the other one glued me back together, at which point Mr. Stitches came back and found me. They put some adhesive bandages over the glue and I was good to go! We asked again to make sure, but there was no charge since I have the national social security insurance. I'm definitely not in America anymore, Toto.

And would you believe this was my first time having super glue or stitches (besides surgeries)?
When's the last time you had stitches (or super glue)?


  1. I also almost made a trip to the ER while there. Fortunately my fall down the stairs only few bruises and sprained toe!! Always something to be thankful for.

  2. I had stitches in my head in first grade... Kicked in the head by a fellow first grader who was on a swing, I think the forensic conclusion was.